Finding the “Right” Name for your Business

Depending on your industry, the name of your business should include the problem that it is solving or describe what it is.

For example, if you are launching an eco-friendly car wash company, a name like “Live Well Car Wash” is suitable. It instantly tells the client what it is and what they should expect.

I recommend creating a list of 10 names and share them with your closest friends and family to see what resonates with them.

After you’ve selected about three names, check the status in to see if it is already registered as a domain. Normally if you find a name and tweak the spelling, it should be available.

Example- “Book Closet” versus “Book Kloset”.

The next step is to see if your name is available on social media. A great rule of thumb is to have the same social media handle on ALL social media channels. It allows for your client to find you easily and avoids people tagging the wrong company.

If the domain name and social media handles are available, snag them! Then connect with a graphic designer to create your logo. Can’t afford a graphic designer? Head over to and try to design your own. Sometimes if you follow the Apple approach of keeping it simple, you will usually come up with a winner! (Apple’s iconic logo is a bitten apple.)