Is Facebook Necessary?

Short answer, YES! Often times when I speak to new business owners, their first question is if they need to have a Facebook Page. With the increased popularity of Instagram, some may think that’s all you need. Social media networks are like a phone web. They all speak to one another. For those that don’t, they help to support the platform.

So what does that mean? If you have an Instagram account, you have the option to connect your Twitter, Facebook, & Tumblr. Sharing your post on Twitter is helpful especially if you tag another brand in the post. Since Instagram has over 1million users, your post will more than likely get lost in the sauce and the person you mentioned on Instagram may not see it. But let’s say they have their notifications on for mentions in Twitter. Ta-Da…they see the mention and click the URL and end up on your Instagram post. Double Tap!

Now, let’s say you shared that same post on your Facebook Page. You noticed that you only received 5 likes on Instagram, but your page has 5,000 likes. You have the option to promote the post to your community of likes, the people who like you & their friends, or a new audience determined by the demographic that you would like to reach. Since Facebook owns Instagram, cross-promoting through paid-ads are seamless.

If you have a Facebook profile and have not converted your page into a business page, Facebook allows you to automatically merge your friends into likes! So you’ll literally go from zero to 100, real quick!

Do you own a storefront? Facebook allows you to create localized ads to target potential clients within a certain mile radius.

Facebook has several business solutions that are pretty easy to learn if you review their tutorials or hire an intern that is well-versed in Facebook advertising.

So is Facebook necessary? If you have a business, yes.

If you are not convinced or have questions, please comment below.