Think Different & Just Do It!

Did you ever have a great idea and sat on it until one day you saw it on someone’s website or in someone’s store?

It’s happened to me for sure. A great idea is only an idea until it’s executed. You say- “It already exists!”. SO WHAT! If a designer created a pleated skirt sketch and then walked into a store and saw a pleated skirt and decided not to create it, we would not have a fashion industry.

If you see it, find a way to make it better. How can your new product help the consumer? Or what is it about your offering that makes their experience better?

Why are there 20 paper towel brands in one aisle? Consumers like to have choices. Toms Shoes is doing so well because they not only make a shoe, they empower the team of people that create them, as well as donate a shoe to someone who is in need every time a shoe is sold.

I hate to keep referencing Apple, but their tagline ‘Think Different” is what you need to do when developing your idea or product and “Just Do It” (thanks Nike).